The Schuster Trap

If you follow us on Facebook, chance are you have met our Schuster. He is one of the most photogenic kitties. He is such a flirt and loves to pose for the camera (His signature move is laying on his back, exposing his belly, and it almost seems like he is smiling ). Some of our Facebook followers are deceived by his sweet demeanor and charming face and think he is not a feral kitty. So today, he will dedicate our post to him and inform the world about the Schuster Trap!

Schuster lives with four other kitties: Cece, Harry, Sandy, and Lemur (she is an elusive kitty; we will write about her in weeks to come, so stay tune).
As soon as our volunteers pull up to his station, he is front row and center. He greets all of our volunteers; even new volunteers get to see his charm. He loves to trip some of our volunteers by weaving through their legs as they walk to his station. On the rare occasions, he is not there, we go into panic mode and start calling out his name until he shows up.

Once we get through the gates to his station, he arches his back and rubs himself on our legs. He will do it a couple of times until you cannot resist and pet him. This move is a TRAP!! Once you get the pet in, he will give you a swat with his paw; if you decide to go for the pet one more time; then, he gives you a nip. No worries, we were all warned about his game (pet-swat-bite), so we all are aware and commence evasive maneuvers once we get our pet.

So next time you see his picture, do not be fooled by the belly roll, the sweet smile, and the silky skin; know that he is just setting up his trap. Honestly, it is worth getting the little swat or nip on the shoe in exchange for those belly rolls, the pets, and even the opportunity to throw the ball and watch him chase it. It might be a trap, but I will take my chances: keep loving on him! Who knows, maybe one day, he will purr for me.