The portable cats: Gracie, Handsome, & Princess edition

It’s been a while since we have seen these three show up for breakfast. Once in a blue moon, we will get to see one of them, and twice we have seen Gracie and Handsome together. Many times when we post a picture of them on Facebook, people ask who they are? and mention that they have not seen them before, so today, we will share a little bit about this beautiful trio of kitties.

Back in the day, two years ago, we had portable on campus. They were not in use, so 5 of our kitties made it their home. Gracie, Handsome, Grandma, and Blackie were always together and got along great. Princess was there too, but Handsome would chase her off, so she settled down by the last portable. It was fun to pull up to the portables and see all five kitties greet us. Blackie and Grandma would always get up close. Gracie was talkative. Handsome was by Gracie’s side, and they used to love rubbing cheeks. Princess!, we could not forget about Princess. From the last portable, at a safe distance from Handsome, she would meow at us. It seemed like she was saying, “Do not forget about me!”

When we got the call that they were going to tear down the portables, Two of our volunteers trapped Gracie and Handsome to keep them safe. Losing the portables, their home, really rocked their world. Grandma and Blackie moved on to another station, and we are lucky to have them greet us every morning. But Gracie, Handsome, and Princess moved around campus. As of today, we know where Handsome and Princess reside. We do not see them every day, but we have wonderful volunteers who set out trail cams to check on them. Gracie is still unwilling to let go of her old home. So she is all over the place at the moment. We are hoping that soon she will settle down with her brother and best friend, Handsome.

Disclaimer:  Our commitment is to not have food in low feeders after we feed unless we are specifically video taping – if we are taping, we do put out some food to see which campus cats come by that station.