Does Mean Mommy deserve her name?

The short answer is YES! I mean, we can ask her son, William. William shares his space with Mean Mommy. He has been smacked a few times for getting too close to her. Her name does not mean we do not love her. Even though she loses her temper with her son, she is always super cheeky with us. Lately, she comes closer to our volunteers to get her paws on some treats; Temptations treats, to be exact.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Mean Mommy has always had a short temper with her sons William and Harry. She used to smack them as kittens if they would try to eat before she did. She is a strict mommy, who has clear expectations on what appropriate behavior should be, and she is an enforcer of her laws.

She recently moved to live with her son, William. She was on a different part of campus before. Before the move, she would watch volunteers from the safety of the fence. Once we filled the station and got in our cars, she would enter the station and eat. She was not very social and would not allow us to pet her.

Now that she moved with her son, she comes close to our volunteers. One of our volunteers was even able to pet her! Mean Mommy was unsure of this interaction, but it is understandable none of us have attempted to pet her before. I think that is only a matter of time, and you guys will start seeing pictures of Mean Mommy getting brushed by our volunteers. As for her son William, he is also well-loved by our volunteers, and occasionally his mother allows him to enjoy some treats beside her.