Thank you, Bob & Lisa!!

Long time volunteers retire from our feeding program. Bob and Lisa have been part of our feeding program for 6 yrs, and they will still be a part of our group but will retire from the monthly feeding. If anyone is interested in volunteering to feed either a weekday or a weekend day, please email us at info@campuscatcoalition.com!

Campus cats food upgrade

Many of our kitties are starting to get older – they are between 8-10 yrs old, so we have made a few changes to their diet. The campus cats have had their food upgraded, and we decided to switch their food to a high-quality ‘senior blend.’ After much research and taste testing, we decided on Nutro brand cat food. We feed them Senior formula Chicken and Brown Rice!

Do not worry; the kitties approved these changes!!


Everyone out there who feeds feral cats can agree, having ants in the feeding station is not fun. We have found a solution. We added 12 of these great ant proof trays call Ansters, and they have worked great for our feeding program. Our campus cats get to enjoy their food, and they do not have to worry about those pesky ants.

Amazon.com : The Antser Ant-Proof Barrier (Beige) : Pet Pest Control  Supplies : Pet Supplies
Schuster approves!

Crab-Travaganza Feast 3/3/18 6-9pm

We have been invited to be the charity that receives proceeds from the raffle tickets sold during this event.  More information to follow about buying raffle tickets for that evening.  If you would like to attend the event visit: www.SolanoCrabFeed.com


Upcoming Garage sales in 2018

garage sale sign with catyardsale image

Cordelia Community Garage Sale – the first weekend in May

Green Valley Community Garage Sale – the first weekend in June

Our Coalition will participate in both garage sales and all proceeds from our sales will go toward the feeding and care of the campus cats in our care.  If you would like to donate any items to to sell, please contact us and we would be happy to pick them up.  As soon as we have our official locations for each event identified, we will update our post!

National Feral Cat Day Observation Rescheduled

The October 16, National Feral Cat Day observation at the Solano campus has been postponed due to the North Bay Wildfires. Our hearts are with our neighbors and their loved ones and pets who have been affected by these terrible events.

Please check back in a few days for further updates, and the rescheduled date for Solano’s observation and celebration of National Feral Cat Day.

Garage Sale 6/3/17

THIS Is why we hope you will support us tomorrow, Saturday June 3rd 8:30-1:00, at the garage sale at 617 Gallery Ct AND also eat at Chipotle on Gateway Blvd in Fairfield tomorrow from 3-8pm and tell them you are there for the campus cat fundraiser or show them an electronic copy of the flyer from our other posts. We have some wonderful volunteers but buying food to feed and caring for the cats is a constant challenge. (Thank you to Volunteer Carla Nannizzi for the first four photos from this morning’s feeding).

Thank You!

A great big THANK YOU to all of the volunteers who helped make our big fundraiser day a big success yesterday! All of the campus cats want to thank all of the amazing volunteers that were out helping with the garage sale and Chipotle fundraiser! Thank you Carlos, Lisa, Jane, Diane, Jennifer, Kent, Paulette, Bob, Wendy, Allison, Cindy, Carla and Sherry! YOU GUYS ROCK!😻